Established in 1993, the Women of the Color Leadership Network (WOCLN) at Center for Women & Community provides advocacy, mentoring, programming, training and a home for women and non-binary people of color as well as workshops and events for the general public. WOCLN connects students at UMass and the Five Colleges to one another and to the larger community. wocln works independently and in collaboration with many campus and community groups and organizations.
As a program of the Center for Women & Community at UMass Amherst, wocln celebrates and supports the accomplishments and endeavors of all self-identified women and nonbinary people of color in the Five College Consortium of Western Massachusetts.  Conceptually, the term “person of color” refers to underrepresented identities, such as Black/African American, African, Latina, Caribbean, Latin-American, Chicana, Asian-Pacific Islander, South Asian, Native American/Indigenous, Middle Eastern, Arab/Arab American, Biracial and Multiracial.




  • 加强个人通过对彼此和更大的社区连接的归属感。 
  • 提高领导能力,使其中的学生部分社区的差异。
  • 提供一个舒适和支持的空间,培养自我意识和真实的表达。
  • 围绕提高社会认同,自我保健和自我表达的问题,公众的意识。 


该wocln通过国际妇女活动家努力恢复致力于支持和留住女性色彩的资金和资源创建的。最初,该计划被命名为色彩方案(1993- 1997年)的妇女。